Sam Adams Utopia Has Arrived!

The Samual Adam’s website states, “Since the birth of Boston Lager in 1984, Founder and Brewer Jim Koch has made it his mission to change American beer drinkers’ perception of what beer can be, and challenge himself as a brewer. In 2002, the first batch of Samuel Adams Utopias was introduced with a complex flavor profile unlike any other beer, and an incredible ABV of 24%, making it the strongest naturally-fermented beer to date. Samuel Adams Utopias was brewed again in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011, with Jim continuing to aim for more complexity, eventually pushing the ABV to 29% for our 2012 batch, our 10th Anniversary celebration of this unique brew. Rivaling the world’s best ports and cognacs, this extreme beer is uncarbonated and ruby black in color with sweet flavors of honey, toffee, caramel, cocoa and vanilla balanced by distinct notes of molasses, raisins, plums and berries imparted from aging batches in a variety of barrels over the years. ”

See the full video from the Sam Adam’s website:

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